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Healthy. Delicious. Efficient.

Employee Daily Catering

Employee Daily Catering

Catering to employee daily meals with nutritious, healthy and, yet, excitingly delicious fresh changes to the menus
Senior Management Meetings

Senior Management Meetings

Serving delicious, fresh and exciting dishes to executive level meetings to satisfy senior management appetites and egos!
Client Visits

Client Visits

Dishing out amazing range of dishes which takes up your hospitality quotient many notches up, adds another level of customer satisfaction
Executive Dining

Executive Dining

We dish out super exciting high-end dining options for C Level executives with a full range of liquor services
Town Hall/Events

Town Hall/Events

We can dish out unmatched catering services for large gatherings upto 40 K invitees and can reduce your budgets by over 30%
Multiple Formats

Multiple Formats

We can service multiple formats providing you with a range of options which are flexible, efficient and cost-effective

What Makes Us Different?

Zzungry has been founded to provide business houses to be a single-window corporate dining service to improve employee well-being, reduce costs and deliver incredible satisfaction and value

Health & Wellness

Our menus are based on dietary recommendations by experts for health and well-being

No Food Fatigue

We have a curated menu of unique dishes for a fresh experience everyday for your employees.


Our menus, dishes are designed & personalized for each customer based on demographics

Single Window Solution

No single caterer capable of serving all of the different workplace food requirements like we do

High Value, Low Costs

Our corporate dining solutions provide impeccable quality and value while keeping your costs down

Truly Global

Qualified chefs ensure cuisine diversity catering to requirements of global companies & to diverse tastes


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